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  • Woods Hole Film Festival

    We're incredibly excited to announce that our experimental animated film Birth has been accepted into the 2013 Woods Hole Film Festival. Clearly, a lot has...

  • Pioneering Animation

    We're very pleased to announce that Devilfish, in collaboration with Mythic Image Studios, is closing in on a final edit of our innovative animated film,...

  • More "COLORS" Release

    Below you'll find a link to a fourth video from the Boston release party of Endway's "Colors" album. Hope you're enjoying this series of live...


Lawrence Sampson is a visual artist whose work encompasses sculpture, storyboarding, production design, and directing. He excels at cultivating mood through meticulously designed environments, be they concepts for shoots in miniature or full-scale feature-film sets. He has built large props and displays for clients ranging from to the Museum of Science. Most recently, he has designed sets for numerous television commercials, and helped develop a distinctive look for two award-winning kids’ programs on WGBH, Fetch and Design Squad. In addition, he has worked as lead production designer on a handful of local feature films.

Rebecca Dorr is a trained journalist and long-time magazine writer who, lured by the call of visual storytelling, transferred her research, writing, editing, and content management skills to the world of film and video. An all-around literature and art junkie, she spent years as a contributing writer and research editor at glossies including Esquire, Inc., Technology Review, Body+Soul, and Boston, then cut her teeth in film as a script supervisor and production manager for a handful of local companies. A one-time stringer of music features for MTV, she also moonlighted for a spell as a DJ at an alternative-rock radio station in Providence. Today, she is at the helm for most Devilfish projects, including recent commercials for Motorola and YouTube, and is actively developing original treatments and scripts. She received her undergraduate degree from Brown University, and her graduate degree in journalism from Boston University.