Woods Hole Film Festival

We're incredibly excited to announce that our experimental animated film Birth has been accepted into the 2013 Woods Hole Film Festival. Clearly, a lot has happened since we posted last. Our Birth team (including colleague extraordinaire Jessica Fox of Mythic Image Studios and talented animator Andrew Finley) finished a master edit almost a year ago, whence begun the long, nail-biting process of applying to--and waiting to hear back from--a select group of festivals.

The fact that Birth will premiere (yes, we said that: PREMIERE) at the Woods Hole Film Festival is pretty cool for a number of different reasons. Larry and I (Devilfish founders) have a deep connection to Cape Cod, having spent much of our childhood summers here. And we love the Woods Hole Film Festival, which we've been attending for years. We're always impressed with its array of local and national talent, its great vibe, and its super programming. But we're not the only ones who love the festival. Movie Maker Magazine has called it one of the 25 coolest festivals in the world. How about that.

Here's what you need to know. The Woods Hole Film Festival runs from July 27 to August 3, and Birth will screen on Thursday, August 1, at 7pm as part of a group of selected shorts titled "Unlikely Encounters." Tickets go on sale June 29, and you can read more about the screening here. The home page for the festival is www.woodsholefilmfestival.org, where the schedule for the 2013 edition has just gone live.

If you're in the area, please come out to the screening; we'd love to see you. And try to take in some of the rest of the festival, which is guaranteed to include some amazing films. We'll be there for sure!


Pioneering Animation

We're very pleased to announce that Devilfish, in collaboration with Mythic Image Studios, is closing in on a final edit of our innovative animated film, Birth. On December 31, 2011, we raised our finishing funds after a successful fundraising drive on Kickstarter. Thanks to friends, colleagues, and strangers alike who, inspired by our project, chipped in to help us complete it! You can stay up to date on progress by viewing our Kickstarter page here. We'll try to post news on this website, too, as it's available.


More "COLORS" Release

Below you'll find a link to a fourth video from the Boston release party of Endway's "Colors" album. Hope you're enjoying this series of live concert footage. Endway puts on a fantastic show, no? If you haven't seen them live, yet, and happen to be in the Big Apple this week, you must check them out at Arlene's Grocery on Wednesday night, November 3, at 8pm. Free admission but you have to get on the guest list, which you can do at www.endway.com. And here's the most recent song release: This Town Forever.


Song Three Rolls Out...

Endway's third song release from the concert Devilfish shot earlier this year. If you've been following our news page, you know the drill by now, so here's the song. Enjoy: Coolin' Out

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